Am I There Yet?: Finding Passion and Purpose

Am I there yet? Are we there yet? These are the questions that echo in my head as I look at myself in the mirror. It’s funny, for 16 years of your life… Continue reading

Queen of Hip Hop V Mag Editorial: “Performing” Culture?

Hip Hop has always been a fascinating part of American culture. Whether it’s debating who the historical greats are or delving deeper in to its meaning, if you’re around a Hip Hop junkie,… Continue reading

Remembering Your History : A Collective Experience

History is very important. I didn’t realize how important it was until I listened to two young ladies of Asian decent incorrectly discuss my history. But, this article isn’t to chastise the two… Continue reading

Your Image is His Image: Photographer and Model, Bryan Taylor Johnson

While a junior at Morgan State University, studying Business Administration with a minor in Marketing, Bryan Taylor Johnson decided he wanted to become a model. Advised that New York City was the place… Continue reading

Love and Family: Jada Pinkett-Smith, Mother, and Willow in “Red Table Talk” Mother’s Day 2012

One of my favorite women on the silver screen, Jada Pinkett-Smith, has family on her mind. But, she’s not just doing another interview where she discusses what it’s like to still be married… Continue reading

Naomi vs. Tyra, Again?: Naomi’s New Modeling Competition, The Face

  While devouring a waffle this morning, I received an email from one of my close friends and pageant expert, Delano Sweeting, about the new Naomi Campbell modeling competition series on Oxygen entitled,… Continue reading

A Lesson on Rainy Days from My Favorite Cart Owner!

It’s no secret. All those that know me know I hate rainy days. But, not why you’d assume. When I was younger, I was implicitly taught that rain was an inconvenience. It prevented… Continue reading

“And Then The Rolling Stone Fell In Love”: Johnathan Celestin

Battling rush hour on the 1 train, I finally arrived to Columbia University’s campus where I had the pleasure of interviewing, Johnathan Celestin, a songwriter, musician, and rising senior, majoring in International Relations.… Continue reading

Kamran Khan: Next to Normal, Literally.

Albert Einstein has a saying, “I’m not a genius, I’m just passionately curious.” Few people know this better than Kamran Khan.A first generation American from Pakistan, he’s had his fair share of experiences… Continue reading

“Making Love” into Movie Scenes. . .

We’ve all been there. . . cuddled up with a bowl of popcorn (maybe with company), your eyes glued to the screen as you recite the words to your favorite love scene. Your… Continue reading