Hello Everyone,

Welcome to my blog, cc:Keith.

It’s not often that you wake up in the morning and you find a place where you can feel free to express your frustrations, happiness, sadness, heartbreaks, and everything else that is ailing you in an atmosphere that is free. Well, welcome to my blog. For the next year, (if it gets popular then maybe longer) I will be publishing multiple poems per week, and articles that are inspired by everyday events as well as things that are on my mind. To provide you with a bit of a schedule, I plan to post at least once a week on Sunday nights so that you can enjoy my articles and poetry with your Monday morning cup of coffee. Hopefully, you will be able to allow my words to marinate over the course of your week and, at some point, you can share your thoughts and possibly how it may have influenced the way you thought of your week. Some of the works that I write will ask questions for you to ponder throughout the week, so know that you are welcome to ask me questions and I’ll be sure to answer them. If you would like me to write about a particular topic that you think would be interesting, feel free to comment or, email me at ccmekeith@gmail.com and you may find your question answered in a post.

If you like what you read and you believe what you see, I encourage you to share this blog with your friends. If you have your own blog, don’t hesitate to drop a few lines about yours and I will definitely follow and share my two cents when its appropriate. We’re all in this together and words across borders is more of a connection than we can ever hope for and more.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts and learning from you as you learn more about and from me.

Remember, if it deserves a set of eyes, don’t press send until you cc: Keith.

– Keith