Pay Attention: Take A Breather

"Man Taking a Break"

Ahh... I should do this more often

Rarely are we simultaneously imbued with our calling, the tools for this journey, and the experience to execute it. It’s through the prophecies of elders and mentors cautioning us as we stumble naively into our fate that most people encounter the rewards of learning in retrospect. Taking this into consideration, I’m constantly floored by the fact that, regardless of one’s accomplishments, credentials, and life’s invisible  medals/certificates proving we get it, there is always more to learn. Whether it’s being influenced by the eloquent artist in the subway station or craving to see through the tourist’s lens of what makes them feel it’s so great, there are unique perspectives all around us – vantage points that chime with individuality

While walking to work this morning, the calming pat of drizzle moistening my day, I found myself wondering what lesson was going to be taught today. For those that may be wondering, I’m not a teacher. No, I’m not a student. But, I’ll tell you what I am. I am an individual that would rather walk by a bakery and smell the freshly baked bread and marvel at how smells can command the wildest memories. I’m the young man on the train that smiles as a stranger’s cologne/perfume flirts with my senses. I’m young adult voraciously devouring his novel, but still listening to everything that’s around him.
 So where am I going with this? What’s my point? Sometimes as we are on our respective paths, it’s hard to stop and listen or pause to watch. As we operate as drones within the lull of our routines, you’d be surprised how much is actually going on when you pay attention. I’ll venture to say a little more. Being the overly introspective and self-evaluating person that I am – yes, I should probably be a psychiatrist or a self-identified evil scientist – I’ve noticed that as I go through my personal trials with family, life, jobs, and romance, part of my problem is that I seek to be in control, missile-focused, and “aware” of what others are asking of me. Learning from another failed pre-relationship over the weekend, it’s impossible to be this all of the time. Actually, it’s unrealistic. There are certain things that trigger “aha” moments that, if we don’t stop to take a breather” we may miss our special blessing for the day. Whether it’s a mini epiphany that you’d rather eat McDonald’s fries instead of go to the gym, or the clever new marketing slogan for your boss, allow everything around you to teach you. Sometimes, we are our own teachers and teaching begins to look more like being still.
That, my friends, is the point of today’s blog: although it’s never easy to stop because, for many, it connotes  laziness, know that gears that continuously grind too hard must be replaced sooner. Living life to the fullest is our true journey, so don’t forget to live in every moment in-between.
 Enjoy your weekend everyone and remember, if it’s worth your eyes, remember to cc:Keith.
Peace and Many Fresh Breaths of Air,