Woe Is Me: No It IS Me!!!


While trucking to work amid busy thoughts and uncertainty, I immediately began sulking about a number of things. Whether it was the sadness of being far away from my family, the deadline that seemed to be creeping up on me, or my inability to focus primarily on my current novel, I felt trapped.  With each step I could feel the depression clouds looming.

In this crazy economy that has many of us crippled with fear, uncertainty, and doubt, it leaves very little room for optimism. For young business professionals like myself, conversations around “have I made the right choice?” or “I regret that damn major!” chant a chorus of self-doubt and self-loathing at the choices we may have made . But, does it really have to be this way?

Yes, the facts are dismal. Unemployment rates are still rather high, especially for young Black men, the American dollar is still struggling to hold its competitive edge, and companies are doing their damnedest to stay afloat, which means hiring highly qualified individuals but paying them peanuts and IOU’s. Of course this prompted me to ask another important question, “What does this have to do with me?”

With so many news specials, political and business oriented blogs, and marketing frenzies it’s really hard to not only figure out how this economy affects you (unless you lose your job and experience it first hand), but also how you can make the economy work for you. The saying, “life never waits for anyone” has never been so true. Despite the crippled economy and uncertainty, there is still room to be innovative, creative, passionate, and incredibly smart. Although I’m not proposing that we “hand” our challenging situations “daisies” and “pat our problems on the head,” I am proposing a new way of positioning ourselves for success.

The next time you are walking down the street, staring at the computer screen, or pissed about your salary that doesn’t seem to measure up to your work-ethic or career ambitions, ask yourself these simple questions:

1)      What are the facts of this situation?

2)      Now that I know the facts, what can I change?

3)      Since I know what I can change, what CAN’T I change?

4)      Now that I know my options, what’s possible for NOW and what’s for LATER?

5)      Finally, in order to overcome this obstacle, what needs to change? Me, the Problem, or Both?

Once you have taken the time to analyze your situation through new, productive and problem-solving eyes, I’m confident that you’ll realize a few things. Yes, your current situation sucks, but there is always something you can do to look at it differently. Oftentimes, we simply get overwhelmed with the daunting process of being “positive” or mistakenly view this new mindset as being naïve – that’s not true. Also, when you’re in the pits, it’s very easy to justify your current situation or play devil’s advocate with yourself. From personal experience, not only does this NOT work, but it stifles and destroys any room for new thought, growth, or positively altered perception.

So, continue to dream, but problem solve relentlessly. Continue to problem solve relentlessly, but don’t forget to dream. The rise of brilliant minds won’t be stifled, even if the economy is crippled and decrepit at the moment, it simply provides a more remarkable success story!  Just as coal can be transformed into a diamond, so can you. Let’s just change our approach!

Cheers to oatmeal raisin cookies, hot apple cider, and presents!


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