‘Hunger Games’ Sequel, ‘Catching Fire’: Directed by ‘I Am Legend’ Director

After going to theaters to see Hunger Games, I became obsessed. Despite the unsettling racism of many fans  captured in Jezebel’s article, “Racist Hunger Games Fans Are Very Disappointed,” I found myself very excited to buy the second book and get ready for a sequel – there had to be one with the way it ended. Now, as found on Fandango.com, it has officially been announced that Francis Lawrence, the director of I Am Legend, starring Will Smith, will be charged with bringing the sequel to cinematic perfection.

Now, for those of you that have seen I Am Legend, I’m sure you remember the plot. Put simply, apocalyptic world, Will Smith is the only guy immune to a man-made virus that was originally created to cure cancer. Most of the film is pretty silent and uneventful, until we encounter humans and then see the first glimpse of these strange, zombie like creatures. I’ll have another article about that coming later.

So, as you re-read Catching Fire or as you read it for the first time. Ask yourself, do you think Mr. I Am Legend is up for the challenge? Feel free to leave your thoughts and we will do our part to keep you updated on how this turns out.

If you haven’t read Fandango’s article yet, check it out here: http://www.fandango.com/movieblog/i-am-legend-director-lands-hunger-games-sequel-catching-fire-713456.html

Cheers to sequels, directors, and the movies we can’t wait to hit theaters!