IMG_1543 cc:me, Keith is created by me, but is about you: your journeys, your brand, your craft. In the digital age, the rapid creation of social media networks and platforms truly help you connect, but we still yearn for an opportunity to be heard and cared about. That’s where I hope to come in with this site. It is also where I hope to share my unique perspective creating a mutual exchange of ideas and stories that we can all benefit from. Sometimes I’ll share personal stories of inspiration, and at other times, I hope to share the amazing impact others are making.

Each of us is capable of making an incredible impact on those around us. So, stop reading this page and get at it already! I look forward to learning more about your journey. But, as you carve out a new piece of the world and change people’s lives for the better, don’t forget to say, “cc:me, Keith” so I can share your story and the stories of others bold enough to make a difference by following what moves them.

Cheers to storytelling, success, and soaring to new heights!

Founder, Keith