L’Enfant Eternel (Out Mag) Plays with Gender!

In a recent editorial for Out Magazine, “L’Enfant Eternel,” roughly translated as “eternal child” takes the creme de la creme  of androgyny and puts it out for you all to see. Guest appearances… Continue reading

“Eve” of Acqua di Gioia by Giorgio Armani

Emily DiDonato tantalizes us all in an amazonian-esque rainforest on a deserted island. With her ocean blue eyes and the rain saturating her through the jungle’s leaves, she finds paradise for all women… Continue reading

New Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani Commercial

Known to tantalize the senses and entice you, Giorgio Armani’s new men’s fragrance, Acqua Di Gio is shooting for gold in its new full-length advertisement. Check it out and tell us what you… Continue reading

‘Hunger Games’ Sequel, ‘Catching Fire’: Directed by ‘I Am Legend’ Director

After going to theaters to see Hunger Games, I became obsessed. Despite the unsettling racism of many fans  captured in Jezebel’s article, “Racist Hunger Games Fans Are Very Disappointed,” I found myself very… Continue reading

Back Against the Wall? Swing Batter, Batter, Swing!

  You wake up late for work because your alarm never went off, but you still manage to get ready and finish with just enough time to spare. But, on your way out… Continue reading

Hunger Games — A 60 Word Movie Review!

The Hunger Games, although I hadn’t read the novels, was great. Subtly suspenseful, the 2 hrs and 22 mins whittled by and the great acting was refreshing. With my friend obsessed with the… Continue reading

Poem Dedicated to Trayvon Martin

Empty Merry-Go-Rounds Bunk the technicalities. Bunk what you heard. I’m trying to hold it in, but it’s got to be heard. Crippled with silence, and broken with pain. Another one of our children… Continue reading

Mama’s Advice: Following Your Instincts!

                      In my current line of work, one of my main jobs is to screen individuals that are interested in becoming mentors with… Continue reading

Woe Is Me: No It IS Me!!!

While trucking to work amid busy thoughts and uncertainty, I immediately began sulking about a number of things. Whether it was the sadness of being far away from my family, the deadline that… Continue reading

Hate to Love, Or is Hate Love?

Have you ever been so madly in love with someone that you would do anything for them? You convince yourself to over look cheating, abuse, and even ignore them when they scream, “I… Continue reading