Life’s Ellipses: Creating Your Own Meaning

Expectations. Duties. Happiness. Fulfillment. Love. Lust. Each of these words has their own place in the scheme of things. But, society tells us that, for some reason or another, at any given moment… Continue reading

Black Masculinity: Who Can Young Black Men Look Up To?

                            While riding the train this morning, lost in my own literature, something caught my attention. A young boy –… Continue reading

Anxiety & Fear: Peace at Stake?

                          Before reading the post, keep these scenarios in mind: (1) It’s only been a couple of months since your break-up.… Continue reading

The Beauty in Every Day: Eyes Wide Open

Gently swaying to the rhythmic sway of clunky subway trains I wondered, ” We wander every day in the same routines, but fail to ever question the beauty of the day.” Nibbling lightly on… Continue reading

Pay Attention: Take A Breather

Rarely are we simultaneously imbued with our calling, the tools for this journey, and the experience to execute it. It’s through the prophecies of elders and mentors cautioning us as we stumble naively… Continue reading

A Hidden Gem: “The Secret Millionaire”

“If you ever want to feel good about yourself, go help somebody else.” – John Ferber on “Secret Millionaire”  As humans, we all cry tears. This human precipitation is nourished from the good,… Continue reading

The Glass of Water on the Lemonade Stand

There once was a little boy that dreamed of having his own lemonade stand. However, for those that know, there aren’t many lemonade stands in the projects. Unfortunately, due to socio-economic pressures, there… Continue reading

Success: The Weed That Grew on the Highway

Picture this: You walk down a busy highway (preferably when it’s traffic free) and you see a weed that has managed to grow through a crack of graphite. Instantly, you find yourself wondering,… Continue reading

Love: Action, Noun, or Ideal? What of It?

Love.  It’s one of those words that in its simplest state can be an action, a noun, an ideal; it can be everything and nothing. While catching up on one of my favorite… Continue reading


Hello Everyone, Welcome to my blog, cc:Keith. It’s not often that you wake up in the morning and you find a place where you can feel free to express your frustrations, happiness, sadness,… Continue reading